“I hired Andrea as a freelance writer, primarily to write web content in the mortgage/real estate and personal finance industries. What I love most about Andrea is that she has extraordinary journalism and writing skills. She researches thoroughly, using credible sources. She writes clearly, in a very well organized manner. She turns in every assignment on time. Andrea is also very pleasant and responsive. I hope to maintain a professional relationship with her for a long time to come, and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone in need of professional writing services.”
— Kimberly Rotter, Freelance Writer ♦ Blogger ♦ Blog Editor ♦ Finance Blogger ♦ Health Blogger ♦ Web Content ♦ SEO Writer, RotterWrites.com


“(Andrea) is a hard-working individual with great integrity; is detail-oriented; and will present a unique product to your editorial content.”
— CJ Woodring, managing editor of Northern Indiana LAKES Magazine


“Andrea has interviewed distinguished alumni, written articles, proofed copy for Taylor University’s Fort Wayne Alumni & Friends Resource Center. She has done this with expediency, attention to detail, and with excellence. She has helped our team significantly, so I recommend her highly without reservation.”
— Michael Mortensen, director of FW Alumni & Friend Relations at Taylor University


“Andrea is a conscientious, responsible writer. I have been most satisfied with the articles she has submitted to Avon Patch. They are thoroughly researched, the copy is clean and she is responsible about communicating and meeting her deadlines.”
— Melissa Hebert, former managing editor of the Avon Patch (avon-oh.patch.com)


“Andrea has worked for me at both The Press and The Avon Ledger as a reporter and/or stringers. Her articles are always thoroughly researched, well written and complete.”
— Lori Switaj, editor of the Avon/Avon Lake Patch, former managing editor of The Press, Avon Lake, Ohio


“Andrea worked for me both at the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, in her first internship, and later at Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly. I found her eager to learn and take on new challenges and adept at coming up with story ideas of her own. She grew as a writer and reporter and also displayed editing and photography skills that came in very handy on a small publication.”
— Linda Lipp, associate editor of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly



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