About Andrea

As a 12-year freelance writer, I have written about a three-time Grammy-award-winning artist, given real estate and mortgage advice, and influenced a group of selectmen in a small New England town to help fund a women’s domestic violence shelter.

I was trained as a freelance writer and journalist at Taylor University, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, under the direction of New York Times bestselling author and popular conference speaker Dr. Dennis Hensley. During my college years, I established myself as an active freelance writer with a complete portfolio of articles published in Campus LifeThe Secret Place, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Evangel, and Cleveland’s Connection Magazine. 

As an intern at the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, the Knight-Ridder news wire distributed several of my business features to newspapers all over the country, including the Detroit Free Press, the Albany Times Union, and the Indianapolis Star. I also interned at the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, where I interviewed professionals in all levels of business from local mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 companies. 

After I earned my bachelor’s degree in professional writing, I worked as a staff reporter at several weekly and daily newspapers. At my first job at The News-Sun, I was stationed in LaGrange County, Indiana, and provided the community with full coverage of a local attempted-murder trial.

At The Press, in Avon Lake, Ohio, I covered local government and schools, wrote features and a weekly column, and compiled and edited copy for the events calendar, obituaries, marriage and baby announcements, and school lunch and bus schedules each week.

My career led me to New England, where I covered daily news at The Eagle Times, in Claremont, N.H., and The Conway Daily Sun, in North Conway, N.H. While in Claremont, I provided comprehensive coverage of an oil spill, maintained mutually beneficial professional relationships with city political officials and hospital spokespeople, and reported on local real estate issues in a time when the housing market was crashing. In North Conway, my coverage of town budget issues led me to report on a controversial government vote to stop funding a local women’s domestic violence shelter. My story uncovered the sexist views of one particular selectman and ended up in newspapers all over the country when the Associated Press got wind of it.

During my time as a staff reporter, and again in 2013, I also wrote travel and lifestyle features for Northern Indiana LAKES Magazine, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I spent the past several years back in my hometown, in the greater Cleveland, Ohio, area. Besides writing devotions for The Secret Place, Evangel, The Quiet Hour, and Standard Publishing’s Devotions magazine, I also interviewed three-time Grammy award-winning duo The Civil Wars and published an article in Christianity Today the day their debut full-length album, Barton Hollow, was released. I also covered local arts and business news for Avon, Ohio’s online Patch.com site and wrote book and music reviews for Church Libraries magazine.

Most recently, I relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am part of the Rotter Writes content team and write blogs and web content for Mortgage Capital Associates and Credit Card Insider.

With years of journalism experience, I am available to provide a variety of content for your publication or website.


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